Theatre Music Editions

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Who is Theatre Music Editions?

These orchestrations have been prepared primarily for Heber Opera, an enterprising, semi-professional group based in Brighton, UK, who specialise in taking fully staged operatic performances to venues throughout the Sussex area.

If you wish to discuss orchestrations of operas not currently in the Theatre Music Editions catalogue, please contact Michael Withers.

Other services from Theatre Music Editions

I also have a long-standing personal interest in English theatre music of the 17th and 18th centuries, and this has already led to extensive research, particularly into the music of Henry Purcell's contemporaries such as John Eccles and Giovanni Battista Draghi, and I have a number of editions of their songs and theatre music available for performance.

I would also be delighted to consider researching and preparing performing editions to your requirements.

I have access to major museums and am comfortable working with original manuscripts. Please contact me to discuss further.